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Ageing Scenario

  • India has the second largest aged population the world.
  • Currently there are an estimated 100 million elderly in India by 2050 it is said to reach 326 million (projections made by UN in their 1996 revision).
  • 55 million elderly sleep on an empty stomach every night.
  • 75% of persons of age 60 and above reside in rural areas.
  • 1 out 8 elderly feel no one cares they exist.
  • 12 million people in India are blind 70 - 80% of these are elderly. 62.6 % are blind due to cataract.
  • 30 million are lonely
  • 33 % are below the poverty line and majority of them are illiterate.
  • 90 % have to continue to work if they have to survive.
  • 6.5 million feel no one even knows they exist.
  • Only about 11% of India's workforce participates in any sort of guaranteed retirement income.
  • Within the next five years, the number of adults aged 65 & over will outnumber children under the age of 5.
  • India is said to be the World Capital for heart diseases.
  • It is estimated that by year 2015, nearly 7 lakh elderly in India within the age bracket of 60 – 69 will die of coronary Heart Diseases.
  • More than two third of the Oldest Old (80+) are financially dependent on others.