Mission Statement


To work for the cause and care of disadvantaged older persons and to improve their quality of life.


HelpAge envisions a society where elders have the right to an active, heathy, and dignified life. We are integrating our programmes and services and consciously moving from welfare towards development and long-term sustainability for seniors by encouraging them to stand for their rights and by working closely with Senior Citizen Associations.

Working actively as a pressure group, we focus on Elder Rights such as the Right to Adequate Health Insurance and the Right to Universal Pension, thus providing elders a society with age-appropriate services.

Even though we have made significant strides in our continuing fight against poverty, isolation, and negligence of elders’ welfare, these efforts are just a drop in the ocean.

We Hope to Achieve the Following Milestone by the Year 2020

  • Livelihood security for two million senior citizens
  • Health security for two million senior citizens
  • A national movement of elders that gives them a voice and political constituency
  • Age-appropriate services for twelve million senior citizens in partnership with the government, private sector, and civil society

The aim is to help elders rebuild their own lives and take charge of their own future, restoring within them a sense of self-worth and confidence.