In a country of rapidly increasing elder population and subsequent growing concerns to ensure that their later years are lived with economic & social security and dignity, HelpAge runs various programs.

Though over the last few decades the focus has primarily been on the destitute elder, ensuring that the underprivileged elderly are reached through its various services in the areas of financial, health and emotional security, there is now a growing focus on the disadvantaged urban elder as well.

HelpAge is also slowly moving from Welfare to Development services for the elderly in urban & rural areas. In rural India it is concentrating on long term sustainability of programs through formation of Elder Self Help Groups, restoring dignity and economic independence among the poor elder community, while in urban India it is urging elders to stay active and form AdvantAge Groups under its AdvantAge Card program, which not only helps provides the urban elder with benefits and discounts of various services, but also urges them to ‘Get Active, Stay Active’.

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