India Smashes Hesitancy -100 Crore Vaccinations

by HelpAge India November 8, 2021 0 comments Uncategorized


October 21, 2021 will be remembered as a ‘red letter day’ in the Medical Annals of India. As India achieved the nearly impossible task of researching, testing, producing an indigenous and safe vaccination for its population against COVID-19.

India, not only successfully tested and produced it in its laboratories, but by using its own funds, has already used 100 crores vaccines to vaccinate its population, within a short period of 9 months and 5 days i.e. starting from the scratch from January 16, 2021 to October 22, 2021.

The aim was to vaccinate the entire adult population, estimated to be 940.2 million, with both doses, within a certain gap of time – a month, forty five days or two months, between the two shots. Accordingly, as of today 75% of our adult population have obtained at least one shot and around 31% of them have been fully vaccinated.

This is a tremendous achievement by India, but it has to achieve much more and vaccinate the remainder of adults as well as the minor population. It cannot rest on its laurels and has to continue the thrust and fight against the pandemic, so that the suspected and much feared third wave does not occur and is kept at bay for the safety of the entire population of our country.


This article has been written by Mr. K. D. Bhatia, 82,
Senior Citizens Society, Neb Sarai

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