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Khushiyaan Manao Iss Diwali Apno Ke Sang

Roshini Phailaon, Ghar Ko Sajao, Bher Ke Rangoli Ke Rang

Per Bhool Na Jaana, Jinhone Zindagi Bher Hame Sambhala

Chalo Sajaye Unka Ghar Bhi, Aur Bananye Ek Sansaar Nirala

Bano Iss Diwali Hamare Buzurgo Ke #GharKaUjala!

This Diwali while we celebrate with our loved ones in the comfort of our homes, spare a moment for the thousands of elders across India who do not have a place that they can call their 'home'. Many are often abandoned by their own family and loved ones, and some don't have the means to afford a roof over their heads, especially the destitute elderly.

HelpAge India runs 8 barrier free homes and supports more than 300 homes across India for elders who have no place to call their own. At these homes we also rehabilitate abandoned elders and provide them with a safe haven, where they can live a life of dignity and tranquility. Our model homes ensure a holistic care environment for our residents with medical care, physiotherapy and a range of recreational activities to encourage 'active ageing'.

Come support those who spent their whole lives supporting others. Be a lamp of light and hope in an elder's home!

Women & Ageing: Invisible or Empowered?

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