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Elder Helplines

HelpAge runs a Toll-free Elder Helpline across 22 state capitals in India offering assistance to elders in need. The services offered are – rescue of abandoned elders, counselling of those in distress, health care, legal support, information related to services available etc. The Helpline links elders to various institutions such as old age homes, hospitals, police, government and non-governmental organizations. In keeping with today’s technology and the world of mobile applications, recently HelpAge launched the ‘HelpAge SOS’ App for mobile phones. ‘SOS’ stands for Save Our Seniors.The App has three core features:

  • The primary and first use of the App is to provide a one-click emergency service to senior citizens and elderly in need: In cases such as abuse, accident and rescue.
  • The second is an information kit consisting of information on: Rights & Entitlements, Health, Financial Planning, Will & Legacies, Active Ageing and how to tackle Elder Abuse.
  • The third feature provides real time GPS enabled information on retail outlets that provide discounts to senior citizens who are members of the HelpAge AdvantAge Card.

Download ‘HelpAge SOS’ App

Help for the elderly & senior citizen health care services in India by HelpAge NGO