Empowering Elder Lives – AdvantAge Program

The AdvantAge Program aims to empower senior citizens in living active and healthy lives. It gives elders two powerful tools to achieve this: the AdvantAge Card & the AdvantAge Active Ageing Group.

The AdvantAge Card – this benefit card offers discounts from Retail Associates on various products, services and facilities ranging from health and wellness to holiday homes. It helps the card holder to stretch household budgets, especially of those elder citizens living on limited or fixed incomes. Currently there are 1.87 lac members from over 400 towns in 23 states being offered discounts by more than 8700 retail outlets across India.

AdvantAge Active Ageing Groups – with the aim to ensure that the senior citizens remain active & healthy during their later years, HelpAge India encourages them to form Active Ageing groups. These elder groups engage in various activities which help both them and the community, such as: by managing physiotherapy clinics & homeopathic services, providing different counseling services in areas such as financial, legal & medical, career counseling for youth, tuitions for destitute & disadvantaged children and the under-privileged in the community, engage in yoga classes & sporting activities. HelpAge also provides them with opportunities to take up activities which can help them earn some money, by conducting workshops on developing skill sets such as candle-making, bangle-making, fabric painting etc. these products are then further sold in the local market and community. The net outcome of forming these Active Ageing groups is that it empowers elders they perceive themselves as useful contributors to society, regain their independence & dignity. Many Senior Citizens Associations have helped form such Active Ageing groups and meet regularly keeping themmentally & physically engaged.For more details log on to: www.helpageadvantage.org