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The pace of change in technology makes it difficult for most to keep up with. This is even more so with elders, who find it almost impossible to keep up with the latest gadgets, mobile applications, smartphones, tablets, etc. This handicap excludes elders from the mainstream social fabric.

To help #BridgeTheGap and make elders feel digitally empowered and socially included by initiating an easy ‘Digital Literacy’ program introducing elders to the online world. Partner institutions, organizations, volunteers and interns are encouraged to conduct basic tutorials for elders, using the HelpAge Handbook for senior citizens – Smartphones learning made easy’.

We are currently associated with more than 5000 Senior Citizen Associations across India. We conducted over 1300 online workshops on digital literacy, legal and financial awareness sessions and on the ‘Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act’ reaching out to around 50,000 senior citizens.

Besides digital literacy, seniors are offered counselling for financial planning in later years, made aware of their rights and entitlements and given legal advice on how to write wills and legacies.

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