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The unfortunate reality of modern society is that people are only considered of value while they are productive. Once they retire or are unable to work due to age, they are often confined to a life of neglect, dependence and purposelessness.

Social exclusion has an extremely negative impact on the mental health of elders leading to anxiety, fear and depression. One of the ways in which HelpAge India has helped #BridgeTheGap is through its Student Action of Value Education (SAVE). To sensitize the younger generation towards elder needs, we work hand-in-hand with schools and institutions across the country so the young grow to become responsible and caring individuals and elders feel valued and looked after.

We have also brought about systemic changes through its various advocacy and policy initiatives, such as increase in pension amounts in select states, raising its voice against elder abuse etc., by working with state and central governments. It was appointed as Member of the Committee appointed by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment to review the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007. We submitted our views on the subject, on invitation by the Parliamentary Standing Committee.

For our efforts in the cause of elder needs, HelpAge India became the first Indian institution to have won the ‘2020 UN Population Award’

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