Disaster Management

Natural calamities reveal that in the struggle for survival, the elderly are usually the last in the line and lost in the crowd, and therefore suffer the most.
HelpAge India started its disaster intervention programs in the year 1980. The first of its kind among voluntary organizations, the HelpAge India unit was trained and equipped to bring swift and effective counter measures in the face of disasters.

Today, HelpAge India’s disaster response model is equipped to rush in quickly to reach out not only to the elderly but also to the community at large, providing relief with food, clothing and shelter to establishing long-lasting rehabilitation programs. Which is why, HelpAge India could immediately respond to disasters such as the earthquakes in Gujarat and J&K, floods in Assam, Uttar Pradesh Bihar and Odisha, cloudbursts in Leh and Uttarakhand, Tsunami in Tamil Nadu etc.

A testimony to long-lasting rehabilitation is the Tamaraikulam Elders Village constructed for the Tsunami victims made possible through the generous donations from viewers of NDTV. Situated in Cuddalore (TN), about 20 km from Puducherry, this model age-care facility provides free stay facility for rural poor with a capacity for 100 persons and provides livelihood opportunities to its residents and elders nearby.