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All Eligible & Interested Bidders

HelpAge India: C-14, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-16 invites for following

Subject:Telemedicine Setup

Project – Telemedicine solution
Location- Behchuhar, Punjab
Project period: 1 year extendable upon satisfactory application
Apply By- 15th February

Subject- Inviting agencies for financial as well as technical bid for setting up telemedicine center in Behchuhar, Punjab

Problem Statement-
Many people living in smaller towns and rural communities in India do not have access to the Specialist care when required. Behchuhar, in Punjab, is among one of the remotest areas, where HelpAge India is providing primary health care to the community but providing specialist care is difficult in the absence of availability of specialists in the area. In order to provide specialized healthcare at Beh Chuhar, Hoshiarpur, Punjab, proposal are called from agency/organization.

Scope of Work:

Agency should be able to provide a solution for specialized health care at remote location through telemedicine.
Specific requirements are:

The organization:

  1. Shall cover screening, primary diagnosis & triaging that connects the entire healthcare ecosystem.
  2. Specialized medical consultation particularly for Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Respiratory ,ENT, Cardiology and Neurology
  3. Has wide range of point of care tests from basic parameters to some specific
  4. (a) Basic parameters: Temperature, pulse, B.P
    (b) Specific: Auscultation, ECG, Spirometry, Pulse Oximetry, Skin examination
    (Derma-scope), Fetal Doppler, Otoscope, Ophthalmoscope

  5. Has solution that can work in low band width and in offline mode if required
  6. Has embedded management information system
  7. Provide training to health center staff to operate the solution
  8. Is able to provide technical support as and when required during the project period

Technical evaluation criteria for the proposal

10 Company credibility – Includes the organization profile, technical expertise,  prior experience, and collaboration with Govt. and other reputed organizations/ NGO
20 No. of Telemedicine Projects Implemented
20 No. of telemedicine projects implemented in Public Health System and remote locations
20 No. of Specialties offered for Tele Consultations
10 No. of referral hospitals attached
10 Capacity to train and technical back up
10 Live Demonstration


Please to send sealed Quote to / email the same on id mentioned To,
Purchase Committee
Email id:
Contact No. 011-42030400 / 404


  1. Your sealed quotation must reach us latest by 18th Feb. 2020 at the address mentioned above.
  2. All vendors need to send their corporate profile of company along with client list followed by annual turnover in sealed quotation.
  3. Please submit your Technical Bid and Financial Bid in two separate envelopes.

HelpAge India is a NGO, working nationwide for the cause and care of the elderly.
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