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HelpAge India is an NGO, working nationwide for the cause and care of the elderly.

Subject: Inviting agencies / Freelancers for financial as well as technical bid for Data collecting Mobile App (Not licensing).

Problem Statement
Many people living in small towns & rural communities out of the access of internet, do not have access to the healthcare, to bridge the gap HelpAge India Team will provided Health Check-ups, Awareness & Counselling, to the people of the community.

An offline data collection app is needed (Tablet Based I.e Samsung Tab Iris(SM-T116IR)) to collect data in remote location & sync the data automatically as per the availability of the Internet.

3 A simple layout app to be used by 5 to 6 users at 3 locations pan India is needed for a short term project, as described in specific requirements.

Scope of Work:
Agency should be able to provide an App which can collect the data in offline mode & later sync the data as per the availability of internet.

Specific Requirements are:

App Layout will be as follow:-

Page 1, Login Screen

User Name

User Mobile Number (Login credential)

State Drop down

Page 2, Registration

Unique ID (existing or New Generated)

Beneficiary Name

Beneficiary Age

Beneficiary Gender

Village List (Drop Down, TO be provided by HelpAge India)

Household size

Linking UBID option including relation

Page 3, Vitals


Blood Sugar

Blood Pressure


Oxygen Saturation

Suggestions are welcome

  • Solution that can work in offline mode.
  • Provide 1 time training
  • Is able to provide technical support as and when required during the project period i.e till March-20
  • Data Storage to be2 on Google Sheet.

Technical evaluation criteria for the proposal

10 Company credibility – Includes the organization profile, technical expertise, prior experience, and collaboration with Govt. and other reputed organizations/ NGO,
For free lancers Individual profile on Github
10 No. of Apps currently working Pan India
20 Delivery time
20 Live Demonstration


Please to send sealed Quote to

Purchase Committee
PIN: 110016
Contact No.

Your sealed quotation must reach us latest by 17th-Nov-2020 at the address mentioned above. All vendors need to send their corporate profile of company along with client list followed by annual turnover in sealed quotation.

Please submit your Technical Bid and Financial Bid in two separate envelopes. HelpAge India is a NGO, working nationwide for the cause and care of the elderly. For more details please visit our website