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Subject: Invitation for Evaluation Study – Home Care Pilot Project


Elder care in India is fast emerging as a critical element of both the public and private concern. Joint family as a traditional system of giving care to the aged of in India is a dying institution. There are very few families that are joint in true sense. In view of the rapid changes in the family, both structurally and functionally the need for Home Care and Institutional care is becoming more noticeable. Our Current Health care system is unable to cope with the growing demand for 24/7 elder healthcare. Hence, there is an urgent and significant need for quality home Care for elderly in India. 

National Health Policy, 2017 aims at “Universal Health Coverage and affordable quality health care services for all”.  In order to achieve it Community based Home care services can play a major role. Models of both formal and informal care will be required to address a massive population of 104 million elderly. Considering this there is an urgent need to train more professional caregivers to focus on elder care in order to meet current and future demand. The same has been urged by World Health Organization (WHO) in its publication towards and International Consensus on Policy for Long- Term Care of the Ageing.

 Home Care Pilot Project 

The Homecare Pilot project implemented by HelpAge India and funded by HelpAge International, is an innovative experiment to ascertain the efficacy of provision of basic needs of the elderly at home (especially those who are physically immobile and unable to carry out Activity of Daily Living –  ADL & Instrument ADL and are restricted to home). The project has been implemented in Himachal Pradesh (Shimla), Jammu & Kashmir (Leh, Ladakh) and Tamil Nadu (Cuddalore). The total sample size of the target group in all three location is 2500. A preliminary baseline study was done across these three states to understand the need of Home Care for elderly. Results of the study clearly indicates that majority of the elderly population across these three locations requires assistance from somebody in order to carry out their ADL and IADL activities. However, as compared with Shimla and Culdalore, Leh reported a very high need of Home care services.  Therefore, It can be summarised on the basis of preliminary study that there is a greater need of community base Home care services in these 3 states.

HelpAge India has created a cadre of community geriatric caregivers through trainings that has been assisted by faculty of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to cater to the need of home care among the elderly in three pilot locations. Our trained Community caregivers are providing home care services to the beneficiaries at their doorstep and are making difference in the lives of the elderly by assisting them in ADL and IADL activities.  To create a sustainable model for running Home Care Services, both intra and inter linkages has been made. Intra linkages includes linking home care beneficiaries to HelpAge India services such as Mobile Medicare Unit (MMU),Old age Physiotherapy, Old Age homes and e health centers while interlinkages includes linking to government schemes such as Aadhaar Card, old age pension and other welfare schemes. Linkages has also been made with Government programs such as National Health Mission (NHM) at Shimla and Cuddalore. Our trained community caregivers and onsite home care mangers are providing training to Old age Home staff in Himachal Pradesh by joining hands with NHM. In making this project a success Senior Citizen Associations (SCA), Elderly Self Help Group and Resident Welfare Associations has played a major role. They have not only helped in spreading awareness but also in identifying community caregivers at all the three locations. 

Given now that the project has not only established itself in the 3 locations but has started benefitting the beneficiaries. It is imperative to know that the overall impact of the project on the beneficiaries, stakeholders, overall health system and policies towards care of the elderly.


  1. To know whether or not the home care services provided to the elderly in the community are adequate.
  2. To assess the improvement in overall health conditions of the elderly requiring home care services.   
  3. To evaluate the change in quality of life among the elderly receiving home care services. 
  4. To understand the role of community caregivers, elderly and other stakeholders in the sustainability of the project.
  5. To measure the impact of the project in bringing about improvement in health system and policies towards care of the elderly.

Target population:

The target population for the evaluation study will be the project beneficiaries availing HelpAge  India’s home care services. Apart from the beneficiaries other stakeholders like Government health functionaries, members of resident welfare associations, Mahila mandals, youth organization and community leaders who have played a key role in the implementation of the project can be interviewed. 

Inclusion criterion: Elderly receiving care services above the age of 55 years.

Exclusion criterion: Persons less than age of 55 years receiving care services.

Sample selection: 10% of the total no. of beneficiaries.

Methodology: Both Quantitative and Qualitative

Project Location

The project is being operated at Himachal Pradesh (Shimla), Jammu & Kashmir (Leh, Ladakh) and Tamil Nadu (Cuddalore). The total sample size of the target group in all three location is 2500. Following table represents the total number, volunteers, caregivers and beneficiaries in three locations:


S. No. Location Home Care manger Paid Volunteers Caregivers Beneficiaries
1. Leh 1 2 170 500
2. Shimla 1 3 350 1000
3. Cuddalore 1 3 350 1000
Total 3 8 870 2500


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