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All Eligible & Interested Bidders

HelpAge India: C-14, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi-16 invites for following

Subject: Supply, Installation & Commissioning and Testing work at OAH Leh, Ladakh.

Location – Leh Ladakh

Type of Project – 25.5 KVA Off-Grids

  • Solar water Heater
  • Solar street lights

Apply By- 15th August, 2020

Scope of Work:

  • The scope shall include Supply, Unloading, shifting, installation, testing & commissioning of Solar PV plant as per above
  • Unloading of the materials received from respective OEMs will be in the scope of Vendor. From the designated storage location, shifting of respective items shall also be in the scope of Vendor.
  • Supply of Balance of system (as per detailed BOQ) shall be in the scope of vendor.
  • The scope of Bidder shall include as per below

Other Conditions:

  • The Bidder may visit and inspect the site to study the actual working conditions, examine and obtain all information required, and also access to site, communication, transport etc. Ignorance of site conditions shall not be accepted by the Owner as basis for any claim for compensation.
  • Bidders are allowed to visit site only during 10 AM to 5 PM in the presence of HI representative. Bidder shall inform 3 day prior to plan to site visit.
  • The activities mentioned in above scope of work are indicative and not exhaustive. The contractor shall be responsible for all the activities required for installation & Commissioning of complete systems. Similarly, the contractor has to perform all the activities required for Module Mounting structures, Foundations for Earthing & Lightning systems, Foundation for AC & DC Balance of system etc.
  • Module make will be Tier-1 and the total Quantity of PV Module as per mentioned capacity in quotation format.
  • Use of Nito bond is compulsory after chipping for foundation (Civil) work on roof.
  • Module mounting structure is GI structures and hardware’s should be of SS quality.
  • There shall be Zero repetition of work.
  • The contractor shall have to obtain No Dues Certificate from Security and other relevant agencies on finalization of Contract /Order.
  • List of tools & tackles required during construction, testing & commissioning is deemed to be included in the scope of Bidder.
  • All tools and tackles required for work shall be supplied by Bidder and shall be using good quality tools.
  • Proper housekeeping shall be maintained during I & C work.
  • Commissioning assistance shall be provided by I & C provider whereas original OEM supplier shall guide the commissioning work.
  • In case of loss or damage to any equipment by Bidder, the cost of the same shall be deducted from final bill.


S.No Description of Item Particulars
1 Scope of Work Supply, Installation & Commissioning and Testing work at OAH Leh, Ladakh.
2 Delivery required for services Within 15 Days from the date of Purchase Order / LOI
3 Mode of Submission of Bids Offline/Courier
To Purchase Committee,
HelpAge India, C-14, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi-16.
4 Bid submission
due-date/Bid Deadline
  15th August 2020.
5 Contact person for queries Commercial Queries
Mrs. Swati Paul
Email id:
Technical Queries
Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar
M: +91 -9521688421
Type of project 25.5 KVA Off-Grid (Breakups are given below in quotation format)
Solar water Heater
Solar street lights
7 HI Target date HelpAge India has target of commissioning this project by –
  15th September 2020


Quotation Format for Solar Project Leh
S No. Block Name System Capacity Description Type Rate per KW/Nos. Quantity Total Amount GST
1 Double & single Set 1 kw 1500 VA 24 V Solar system with 2 batteries each of 150 AH C10 Off-Grid 6
3 Dormitory 3 kw 3 kw 48 V System with 4 batteries 200 Ah each C10 Off-Grid 3
4 Kitchen & Dining 3 kw 3 kw 48 V System with 4 batteries 200 Ah each C10 Off-Grid 1
5 Common Hall & Office 7.5 kw 7.5 kw 120 V system with 10 batteries 200 AH each C10 Off-Grid 1
6 Solar water Heater 300 Ltr Inner tank stainless steel, Puff thickness more than 75 mm Water Heater 12
7 Solar water Heater 200 Ltr Inner tank stainless steel, Puff thickness more than 75 mm Water Heater 2
8 Solar street Light NA Inbuilt 10 W LED light, 30 AH Li-Ion Battery, 50 W Panel, 5-6 M GI pole Smart Solar Street light 10
9 1500 VA sine wave Solar Inverter 1500 va 1500 VA 24 V sine wave solar inverter Off-Grid 2
10 3 kw MPPT Off-Grid Solar Inverter 3 kw 3 kw 48 V MPPT Off-Grid Solar Inverter Off-Grid 1


Solar Water Heater Specification

Capacity: 300 LPD/300 Liter
Circulation Type: Thermo Siphon
Inner Tank Diameter 380 mm
Inner Tank Material High-Grade Steel, 0.5mm
Max Operating Pressure 1 bar
Maximum Water Hardness 600 ppm
No. Of Tubes 30
Outer Tank Diameter 480 mm
Outer Tank Material Galvanized Power coated
Tube Size 58-1800mm
Type : Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC)
Vacuum Tube Inner Diameter 47 mm
Vacuum Tube Outer Diameter 58 mm
Warranty 5 Years



S.No. Equipment Supply Shifting Installation, Testing & Commissioning Remarks
1 PV Modules(Waaree, Vikram Solar, TATA Power, Microtek ) Unloading from Trucks will be in the scope of Vendor 330 w 24 V for 1 kw system, As per Inverter Voltage range
2 Off-Grid Inverters (Luminous, Statcon, waaree, Microtek ) As per mentioned in Quotation format. Unloading from Trucks will be in the scope of Vendor.
3 GI Structures Certificate should be submitted by vendor (for wind resistance and warranty)
4 Solar Battery(C10) Tall Tubular. (Luminous, Waaree, Microtek, Su-kam)       As per mentioned in Quotation format. 60 months of warranty.
5 String DC cable wiring & termination from Modules to String Inverters Prepare BOQ and layout after site survey.
6 Stand and Canopy for

a.    Inverters

b.    ACDB

c.    DCDB

d.    Battery Stand

*  Stand shall be provided by vendor if needed. 
7 ACDBs & DCDBs  Refer BoQ sheet
8 AC Cabling wiring & Termination from String Inverters to ACDB & ACDB to Injection Point(Polycab/KEI/RR)  Refer BoQ sheet
9 Cable Trays/upvc pipe Refer BoQ sheet
10 Earthing system Refer BoQ sheet
11 Lightning protection system Refer BoQ sheet
12 Weather Monitoring s/m
13 Module cleaning Arrangement
14 Display of safety & identification boards   
15 Fire Extinguishers For each system.


3. Associated Civil Works & General Works

S.No. Equipment Supply Shifting Installation, Testing & Commissioning Remarks
A Foundation work for
a.   Earthing system
b.   Lightning Protection system
B Foundation work for module mounting structures Drawings are provided by vendor. Supply of cement & aggregates in the scope of vendor Foundation size will be 400*400*400 mm of M20


4. General Conditions

S.No Description HI Bidder Remarks
1 Security of Plant during construction
2 Water supply during Construction The Owner shall arrange single point Construction water at the site at a free of cost.
3 Power supply during construction The Owner shall arrange single point Construction Power at the site at a free of cost.
4 Module cleaning during phase of erection work till handover
5 Site cleaning during handover Removal of scraps is in the Bidder scope.
6 Issue of Work Permit for work at Heights Work permit shall be taken by Bidder wherever necessary
7 Compliance of Safety Safety of workmen is sole responsibility of Bidder.
8 Any supply material is required on urgent basis shall be purchased by Bidder after obtaining prior approval of Owner and the same shall be cleared by Owner during clearing bills. Provide us respective all drawings and BOQ on mail.
9 SLD Charging of Solar system
10 DISCOM approval on Net-Metering NA



  1. Contactor will be responsible for quality of work. No extra payment towards any repetition work happened due to poor quality of work done by Bidder.
  2. All the Services completed are subject to final approval of Owner at Project Site and Inspection regarding quality, quantity and specifications.
  3. Bidder shall rectify the rejected Services at Site in 3 days’ time from the date of rejection. Owner shall be entitled to reject the Services which in their opinion are not according to the sample. No payment shall be made for such rejected Services.
  4. Bidder shall furnish a complete procedure indicating various stages of inspection/ handing over of plant & equipment’s during maintenance stages. The procedure shall be furnished and finalized mutually.


Note: It is accepted that apart from the above mentioned points there shall be  no other deviations.

Vendor Name: