#MainBhiHoon – HelpAge India’s Campaign for Elderly Women


She selflessly gives, leaving nothing of her own,

She never complains, not a whimper or a groan.

Who is this elderly woman who has made your world her life?

Is she just a mother, a grandmother, and a wife?

Let's share her burden and help lighten her load,

It's time she is given what she is owed.

Let's pledge to listen to her and see her anew,

Can you hear her as she tells you: Main Bhi Hoon!

This year on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, join us in supporting HelpAgeIndia's #MainBhiHoon campaign. Let's make a commitment to respect the elderly women in our lives, starting from our own homes. Share their burden, show your support. Let's celebrate their value and acknowledge their worth. After all, we would not have been here without them!

Women & Ageing: Invisible or Empowered?

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