Working with Senior Citizens Associations

HelpAge is working with more than 5560 Senior Citizen Associations (SCAs) across India with over 10 lakh members. These elders are encouraged to become a unified voice raising elder concerns. HelpAge arranges awareness sessions on important issues like: old age pensions, reverse mortgage, financial planning, wills & legacies, and of late concentrating on digital literacy training sessions.

Digital Literacy for Elders: The pace of change in technology makes it difficult for most to keep up. More so with the elders who find it almost impossible to keep up with the latest gadgets, mobile applications, new smart phones, tablets etc. This handicap excludes elders from the main stream social fabric. To tackle this, HelpAge has started a ‘Digital Literacy’ program introducing elders to the online world by conducting workshops across the country. Partner institutions, organizations, volunteers and interns are encouraged to conduct basic tutorials for elders, using the HelpAge Handbook for senior citizens – Computers and Smart Phones learning made easy.