HelpAge India focusses on policy-related research on ageing issues, particularly on urgent concerns like poverty, isolation, and neglect. In emerging economies like India, ageing is one of the least understood phenomena. Hence, research is essential to understand the bio-medical and social aspects of Ageing. Its understanding would unravel the possible challenges that this would pose to the society at a whole and the possible solutions to most of these challenges.

HelpAge India’s extensive experience in the field informs the research efforts of the organisation. Efforts are made regularly to understand poverty in old age and how it can be alleviated. The other important aspect in this regard is the safety and security of the vulnerable elderly. Hence, every year, HelpAge India brings out the nuances of elder abuse prevalent in society.

HelpAge Research Reports

HelpAge India RD Journal
Preliminary Study on the Effectiveness of Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act
Senior Citizens Guide – 2016
State of Elderly in India – 2014
Social Security in old Age
Elder Abuse Research Reports

Health in Old Age