by HelpAge India April 7, 2020 1 comments Cause of Serving

Today the whole world, after having been severely impacted by CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), is in the grip of FEAR. The dictionary meaning of the singular word ‘FEAR’ is – ‘painful emotion excited by danger: the apprehension of danger or pain’ or, simply, to be afraid of! But my composite word ‘F.E.A.R’ has two connotations, first, a negative one, standing for ‘Forget Everything And Run’ and the positive one ‘Face Everything And Retaliate’. I would choose the latter any day.

Irrespective of the fact that all the reports about (CORONAVIRUS- CV19) have mentioned that Senior Citizens are at greater risk of exposure to it than the younger population, this virus is age-neutral, community neutral, gender-neutral and nation neutral and can happen to anyone.

We have become Senior Citizens by virtue of our age and experience of life at first hand and have been through various different stages of life, in which we have seen, maybe – hunger, pain disease, severe illnesses, operations, fear, hope, rejection, happiness and sorrow, and we have come through all these trials and tribulations successfully, with just a single quality of ‘keeping our cool’ or our ‘balance of mind’. It may also be called our “WILL POWER”

Fortunately, our national government, headed by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has taken many measures to restrict the scourge of the CV-19 and announced complete lockdown of the country as well as put total travel restrictions by Road, Rail or Air, and put very great insistence on maintaining social distancing. Other advisories have also been put forth by local and social organizations like HELPAGE INDIA.

We, the Senior Citizens, shall obey all the directions and instructions issued by our local, city, state and National authorities and not panic or fear.

This article has been written by Mr. K. D. Bhatia, 81,
Senior Citizens Society, Neb Sarai