Festival of Color

by HelpAge India March 11, 2020 0 comments Cause of Serving
Festival of Color

India is renowned for its colorful culture and is one of the most vibrant festivals celebrated in the country. Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colors’ marks the end of the winter season and welcomes the spring season in the country and according to the Indian history and tradition, a bonfire is made at midnight symbolizing the burning of Holika, representing evil and victory of Prahlad representing good.

People play with colors the following day, visiting their family and friends and celebrate the day dancing and spraying colors. Holi falls on the full moon and symbolizes new beginnings and passing of old. People from all age groups and genders come together to celebrate Holi. People make gujiyas and other food items at home and share it with their neighbors and all those who come to play Holi.

People throw colors on each other, covering each other with different shades of color as they sing and dance through the streets and dance in temples. As we celebrate this colorful festival, we must remember the elderly family members in the family who are not able to celebrate this festival with us due to sickness and mobility issues. As we grow up, it is important to ensure that we spend time with our parents and grandparents also along with our friends, because it means a lot to them to celebrate important occasions and milestones with them. Never does the spirit of bringing people together ring truer than at this time.

There are many elders who do not have any friends or family members to share these moments nor anyone to celebrate and with issues like isolation, loneliness, and marginalization, which are the most critical issues faced by elders today, it is important that we should give time and attention to our elders. Elders are most often forgotten and left alone while some elders adjust and make comprises of their lifestyle according to the wishes of their family members. In this fast-paced world, we often forget our elders and as we grow old, our parents and grandparents also grow old, and without realizing we lose precious time, that we could use to strengthen our bonds with our elders and make them feel loved and special.

While some elders are blessed to have a loving family and home, most elders are left alone and abandoned to fend for themselves. Millions of elders are living below the poverty line and have no access to basic utilities and healthcare. This Holi let’s take an initiative to make a difference in the life of elders and make this festival a little brighter and colorful.

As health has been one of the major concerns of the elders, making it difficult for them to do daily chores and tasks. But with your support and contribution, you can help these elders and give them hope and bring a smile on their face. . HelpAge India runs an active healthcare program through its Mobile Healthcare Units providing basic healthcare to destitute elders and their community, and conducts cataract surgeries across the country, helping elders see again and as a result go back to earning their livelihood.

With your help and generosity, you can save an elder from losing their eyesight by contributing to these cataract surgeries. Your help and support will make a big difference in the lives of these elders and will encourage them to live a life of hope and dignity. By choosing to help, you are not only helping the elders but also motivating so many others to contribute towards the cause of eldercare. You help can bring color and happiness in the life of elders every day.