Spreading Smile and Sunshine

by HelpAge India October 15, 2019 3 comments Cause of Serving

“They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.”
Tom Bodett

Ajit Singh was born in the year 1926 and had a loving relationship with his wife of 72 years and eight months until she passed away in September 2019. He is survived by one son and daughter. Both his children look after him and take care of him and the house.  He moved to Delhi after the partition of India and made this city his home. He married young and had children when he was starting his career as a lawyer. He survived in a small house and worked hard to provide for his family. With hard work and determination he was able to rise in stature and now owns a comfortable home in Noida.

He was a lawyer in the Supreme Court and holds a chamber in the High court, which he still visits often. His work has always been his priority. He has always lived an active life, getting up early and going for walks in the park for forty five minutes each day without fail, followed by exercises and stretches, which he still does on a regular basis.  His son, who often accompanies him on his early morning walks, says that up until very recently, he could not match up his pace and had to almost jog to keep up with his dad. Four years ago Ajit Singh fell and broke his ankle, but his passion and will power to live, healed the wound much faster and he continued his morning walks. Though the pace of his walks has decreased he still never misses a day of his exercise.

Talking about his wife, he adds that she brought light and life wherever she went. He tells us that she belonged to the oldest aristocratic families of Delhi and yet was so humble and kind towards others. When he married her, he was just starting his career and lived in a humble one bedroom house.  She was a pillar of support to him and stood by him as he worked hard make ends meet. Ajit Singh’s son adds on “Mom and Dad closed ranks and came together and worked together. The love and comradery between them so happy and kept healthy all their lives.”

He had a major turning point in his life at the age of 40 years when he had an internal bleeding and the doctors were not able to diagnose the problem. Fearing for his life and worrying about his wife and children made him miserable and stressed. Then one day he just decided to stop agonizing himself and decided to leave everything in the hands of the “higher power” that will take care of everything. Ajit Singh is a strong believer in “the higher power” and doesn’t like to give it a name.

92, year old Ajit Singh is well loved by community and neighbours are so happy to see him walking around the park. Their eyes sparkle at the mere sight of him. He eats clean and exercises every day to keep his body fit and his mind healthy. When asked about how he maintains such a positive and calm attitude, he says “Nothing is in our hands; therefore we don’t need to take any stress or tension”.

We asked him about his secret to long and healthy life, he says “one should always keep moving ahead”. He adds further, “there is no secret to longevity, everything is in the mind. Keep your mind healthy and your body will be healthy.”

There is no formula to a healthy life; it’s all about maintaining a positive outlook towards life, keeping the body fit and the mind calm and at peace. He is 92 years old and has absolutely no medical ailments, neither does he doesn’t take any medicines or supplements.  He is very happy and excited to be a part of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and is looking forward to inspire elders all across the country to be active and stay active. He is truly an incredible icon of hope for young and elderly alike. We call him a fitspiration!