by Mr. KD Bhatia July 13, 2020 0 comments Cause of Serving
Ten Simple tools of living

After few months of a much interrupted living amidst lockdown, fear psychosis of catching Coronavirus pandemic, and the extreme clampdown measures taken in containment zones, especially the Red Zones, life in general, of all citizens of our country, is slowly catching up its normal rhythm.

Doctors, Scientists and Researchers areall involved in saving lives of the patients and working on the research of the vaccines, there isn’t any definite guidelines or do’s and don’ts which will prevent us from getting infected, so the best principle to follow would be to remain cool and sing “ QUE SERRA SERRA, WHATEVER WILL BE , WILL BE “.Whatever has to happen will happen, but let it happen in its own time. Let us not die before our actual death, and learn to live while we are alive! “MARNE SE PEHLE HUMJEENA SEEKH LEN”.

The most reassuring factors are:
1. The Government’s timely actions in providing and creating new health facilities to take care of the pandemic;

2. Patient Recovery Rate of over 68% which is still improving. These two factors should instill a high sense of confidence in the people.

We, the Old timers and Senior Citizens, in the absence of any sure shot guidelines about immunity from such a disease will continue to follow our own set of values to keep our mind, body and spirit healthy and high.
Here is a set of 10 Values which can be used as Tools to stay Healthy. They are divided into two sets,

• Five Natural Values and
• Five Crowning Values

1. FIVE NATURAL VALUES: These natural values are absolutely free and provided by Nature: EARTH, WATER,AIR, SKY OR SPACE and FIRE.

If you go to a park for a walk in the morning, walk barefoot on the grass, you will get all the 5 elements of Nature in one go; like you will be walking on earth, you will be getting water(moisture) from the grass, walking in an open space under the sky, feeling fresh air on your face and the sun shining abovegiving you warmth.
“Don’tforget that mother earth also likes to feel the soft tread of your feet, and the Air also likes to caress your hair”!

2. FIVE CROWNING VALUES: These are most simple principles we follow in everyday life and can be put on finger tips.
• SNAN (cleanliness)
• VISHRAM (proper sleep or rest)
• DHYAN (meditation or godly feelings)
• VYAYAM (exercise,yoga etc.)
• BHOJAN (proper satvik diet).

These 10 Values of life are very easy to follow and can help one lead an easy and simple style of living.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will instruct his patients in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison


This article has been written by Mr. K. D. Bhatia, 81,
Senior Citizens Society, Neb Sarai