Tips for Helping Elderly Parents Age Happily In Your Home

by Jane Sandwood December 6, 2017 0 comments Leadership
Tips for Helping Elderly Parents Age Happily In Your Home

We all want our parents to be taken care of, especially in old age. Assisting our loved ones in India as they grow old is a right of passage for many families, as we all can acknowledge how important it is to do our part in promoting the well-being and health of the elderly. If you have decided to move your parents into your own home, there are certain renovations that can be done to make the space more comfortable and secure.

Even if you plan on the living situation being temporary, a mere transitional period for your loved one between independent living and moving to an assisted living facility, you still need to be aware of certain interior changes that should be made. The key elements to a safe home equipped for aging and healthcare needs include safety, mobility, security, comfort, and independence. By adding several elderly-friendly home renovations, you can help your parents to age happily in the comfort of your family’s home.

Start with the Basics

Growing old is not easy, especially in India, where health and livelihood security is not always guaranteed. But you can make the process of aging easier for your parents by considering basic updates that can be made to your home before they move in. Ask your parents how they spend a typical day, and assess how your current interior layout will accommodate their daily activities.

Do a quick assessment of all of the structural elements of your home: are your doorways wide enough for wheelchair access, if necessary? Are the stairs to get into the home too steep? Keep in mind that many falls happen because of carpeting and rugs. Also, swapping out rounded door handles can ease the strain on arthritic hands.

Focus on the Bathroom

In addition to these basic considerations, one room that should be given careful thought is the bathroom. Start by measuring the toilet. Many typical toilets are rather low and can prove difficult to stand up after using. Installing a helpful grab bar or another toilet entirely that has more height is a wise idea. This way, your parents can painlessly use the bathroom on their own without any difficulty. Another bathroom update that could be made is adding bars or railings to the shower/bathtub. Grab bars can make getting in and out of the shower/bathtub much safer, as they provide much needed stability. Also, a shower/bathtub chair is a simple, portable option to make your loved ones’ hygienic needs be cared for in an easier manner.

By making these simple renovations to your home, you can guarantee that your elderly parents can move in and live in your home safely and happily.

Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer with over 10 years’ experience across many different fields. She has a particular interest in issues effecting elderly care and health.